Content Creation

Strategy and scheduling are important but sometimes you simply need to content to show all that your brand has to offer. This is where I come in to offer creative direction, helping to tell your story in a relevant way.

I curate and direct photo shoots for a campaign, website, product shoot or whatever would tell your story best.  These photos will be strategically shot to give you plenty of materials for your website, ads, social channels, and print materials. Don’t struggle for content each month, allow me to tell your story through on-brand visual and written content.


+ Creative direction

+ Monthly photo shoots for your social media channels

+ Product shoots, editing and uploading to your site

+ Product descriptions, copy writing

+ Original blog content

In order to capture the most amount of traffic from Google and through your social media channels, your business needs to be creating and distributing high quality content all the time. Most small businesses don’t have the resources to create, publish and distribute great content. But, when compared to companies that don’t blog, those that blog regularly, average: 55% more web visitors, 97% more inbound links, 434% more indexed web pages. I can provide you with regular blog posts that are relevant and useful to your customers and prospective customers. Blogging provides regular updates to your website, helps establish authority in your industry and increases your web traffic.